What products do I use?

I’m a gel only nail tech and all of my products are vegan, non toxic and cruelty free. I do not work with acrylic.

What is BIAB (Builder in a bottle)?

BIAB is soft gel which adds a strengthening barrier to nails. If you’re looking to grow your nails, looking for extra strength, or if you are a nail biter, BIAB would be a great option.

Why should I come back every 3-4 weeks?

Gel is designed to last 3 weeks so anything more than that is a bonus, but it doesn’t mean you should delay coming for a removal/fresh manicure just because the gel isn’t chipping. A gel manicure past the 3 week mark can be prone to lifting which means if the gel lifts, it’s no longer attached to the natural nail and can cause your nail to break. Also, if there is lifting, this can be a breeding ground for bacteria if water gets trapped underneath. If your manicure was a one-off and you don’t want to have a new manicure, you can of course come back after 3 weeks to have a complete removal.

What type of nail art do you do?

I only do minimal nail art designs. You can take a look at some examples here. If you’re unsure of which design you would like, or if you would like to enquire about a design, please feel free to contact me on +31 64 58 756 012 or hello@nail-point.nl

How can I pay?

After your service you can pay by card/pin. I do not accept cash.